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I am artist living and working in Washington, DC. I received a BFA from Syracuse University, studying both Art History and Painting. 

I began painting in high school at the Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo, MD as a student of Walt Bartman, who always encouraged, "Don't be afraid to express what's in your head." 

I have worked on many large-scale commercial projects as well as residential projects in the DC area. 


On Client-Based Collaborations

An essential part of my background is a thorough knowledge of different painting styles - from abstraction to realism - as well as, an understanding of the proper medium for a particular application. 

With a constant focus on quality, my goal is to create successful artworks on schedule, and on budget. And the success of any project depends on the design. Client approved sketches and samples are always essential before work is begun. 

Personal Works

In my personal artworks, I attempt to recite daily experiences and observations of the outside world. I carefully consider motifs and colors that best describe or represent my ideas.