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I am an artist living and working in Washington, DC. I received a BFA from Syracuse University, studying both Art History and Painting. 

I began painting in high school at the Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo, MD. As a student of Walt Bartman, I learned, "Don't be afraid to express what's in your head." 

I have worked on many large-scale commercial projects as well as residential projects in the DC area. 


On Client-Based Collaborations

An essential part of my background is a thorough knowledge of different painting styles - from abstraction to realism - as well as, an understanding of the proper medium for a particular application. 

With a constant focus on quality, my goal is to create successful artworks on schedule, and on budget; And the success of any project, depends on the design. Client approved sketches and samples are always essential before work is begun. 

Personal Works

In all of my work, I carefully consider the effects of natural light, color relationships, and qualities of paint. My process involves constant sketching in order to record and understand my personal experiences.